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Season 6 Supernatural - My version
Sam stood outside in the pitch black. He was on the outside again, like he had been most of his life. The scene before him, in the typical suburban house, was one example of the taste of an apple pie life. The only difference was that one of the participants wasn’t used to the taste. Sam observed his brother: Dean, who was sitting down sombrely in his table accompanied by his new family. This family did not involve Sam because he was part of the past which needed to be forgotten. If only Sam knew how much Dean needed to know that he was safe, so much so that he would risk this apple pie life that he had craved just to know that Sam was okay. Maybe Sam was aware of this, yet he still looked on and decided not to interrupt. “Time to move on” Sam thought. The future was uncertain for him, where to go and what to do next was the immediate problem, all he knew was that he couldn’t burden Dean, and that included not contacting Bobby.
Dean did not have the slightest idea that his younger brother Sam was within spitting distance, if he did he would have dropped the untouched beer bottle in an instant and a mixture of ecstatic relief with worry would have swam through his mind. He did not hope for Sam’s return, to him it seemed to be an impossibility, especially because of that damn promise that he made. The common good had to come before family. This was against the natural instinct that Dean had always harboured, which was to protect his brother at all costs, his dad: John had warned to “look after Sammy”. A choke to hold back the tears was Dean’s way of coping as he bitterly thought “Sorry Dad, I failed again”. It had to be done, he had no choice but to let Sam go through with it. The plan was all kinds of crazy. It was the only plan, and the last dwindling hope of saving humanity, unfortunately it didn’t involve saving his brother. All wars have casualties. Sam was one of them. Now Dean was expected to deal with it and move on.

Lisa tried her best to soothe Dean’s, she had never seen him like this before: shaken up to the core. Even Ben noticed the difference as he sat there unusually quiet observing the fragile picture in front of him. Dean looked broken; tonight there the false bravado would not be masking the inner turmoil. They tried their best to soothe him, Lisa had baked his favourite: Blueberry pie, with her little helper, Ben by her side being dutiful for the first time. Nothing worked.

“Are you okay?” Lisa gently asked Dean, hugging his shoulder. Dean’s answer was short, “I’m good”. That couldn’t be any further from the truth and they all knew it.


The first loud knock on the door did not awake the deep sleeper. It took a few more to do the job.
“Who is it?” Sam demanded as he clambered to the peephole. No one. There was no answer, and no one to be seen. “Odd” Sam thought. He almost climbed back to bed to try and catch up on shut eye, everyday he felt intensely exhausted, but the hunter’s urge to check out this out made him chase down the corridor. Whoever or whatever it was couldn’t be found so he had no choice but to retire to sleep. No dreams or nightmares for him of the times he had spent in the pit, it was possible that even his subconscious was trying earnestly to forget. Sam welcomed the stiff mattress and flat pillow because he could sleep anytime and anywhere, after all he almost had forgotten what sleeping was like after being kept awake for months on end.

This time the door blew open, banging loudly against the yellow stained walls, a strong gust of wind circulated the room and left, leaving a lingering chill in the air. A sharp, high pitched scream followed, bringing Sam to attention. Grab shotgun, cock the gun, and locate the trouble. It was an immediate response, one he had been using the past few weeks when he had returned. Ever since his return, he had been a magnet for evil, that was another reason why he couldn’t talk to Dean, he would never forgive himself if he got Lisa and Ben killed.
Sam hesitated for a moment outside one of the rooms, “was it this one I heard it in? Or was it the room opposite?”. Could he be sure? No, not till he heard a deafening crashing noise in the room he stood in front of. The door broke in an instant, practice made perfect, and Sam was one of the most experienced hunters around, his only match being Dean.

My Place
Bright clouds marked the sky and the circling larks were singing their usual chirpy tune. The wind whipped my face, refreshing my mind and spirit as I rested upon the dry grass. Childrens' laughter from a distance could be heard, bringing back memories of long ago when I was young myself. The enchanting world in those early years, everything was new and waiting to be discovered. I had been Indiana Jones on an exciting expedition. Growing older can make the most naively trusting kind develop a hardened shell of cynicism. Experiences carve deep tracks, and tunnel their way into the mind, leaving scarred imprints, teaching us to not make the same mistake again. Unfortunately, some have to resit those lessons before they can learn: I know I have. that is why I come here today, to my own, private place seeking rest from today’s worries.  My skin is warmed as the sun beams down on it, getting rid of the chill in my bones. I make a mental note to myself  to visit this place tomorrow.

Free to Be You and Me - Fan Review part 2 (Castiel's embarrassment)

One of my favourite Castiel moments, was in the sneak preview released by a (in this case) generous CW. If you would like to watch this clip again (of course you do), here it is:


Yes, I did watch it before the episode aired, and yes, I did watch it repeatedly. I am sure that I am not alone in that. The thing with sneak peeks is that you really do feel sneaky watching them!.

There are many aspects of this scene which amused me, so I better get started with discussing them. When Castiel arrives and interrupts a pacing, deep in thought Dean, he is instantly mothered with the question “where have you been?”. I remember being asked that question by my mother when I was out somewhere I shouldn’t have been, is Dean telling Castiel off or is he genuinely concerned? Anyway, Castiel who always likes to go into lengthy discussions (yeah, right) replies with “Jerusalem” as if no more needs to be said. I wonder how the trip was Castiel - “arid”, well that tells me a lot!. Now, I am starting to sound as sarcastic as Bobby. If Castiel had a superhero name, I am pretty sure that it would be “Man of Mystery” or is that “Angel of Mystery?”. Soon we learn that this could be the unaffected Castiel’s last night, his planned confrontation with Raphael could result in death for the angelic one but he is prepared for it and accepts his fate. When he is asked about his plans for the night by a curious Dean, he nonchalantly states “I just thought I would sit here quietly”. This would have seemed like a joke to me, but because Castiel isn’t one for joking I realised that he was being serious. In a way, it made me sad to think that he wouldn’t do anything different before his expected death but then again this could reflect that he is content with being in silence. An interesting thought occurred to me and I know why Dean is bemused at Castiel’s calm composure. Let us just think about how Dean spent his last year before going to Hell - he slept around, drank more and tried to live life to the full - so understandably he anticipated that Castiel would be the same. Well, newsflash Dean! Castiel is a spiritual being, he doesn’t take pleasure in earthly things, well not yet anyway. So Dean asks incredulously, “Dude, come on, anything? Booze, women..”. Oh, it looks like the mention of women has Castiel all caught up in a fluster as he rubs his neck in embarrassment. Poor angel guy, Dean has really put him on the spot by raising an issue that Castiel has probably not even thought about. Women just didn’t register on his radar before, not when he was busy being an angel, well that is his excuse anyway and he is sticking to it “I have never had occasion, okay?”. This is one of the rare moments when Castiel is unable to look into Dean’s eyes, but not due to letting him down like before but because he is self conscious. Is this a new Castiel we are seeing? A more emotionally sensitive one as he comes to grip with adapting to human behaviour? It could be!. Oh and by the way, Dean “cloud seeding” as a substitute phrase for Angel you know what is hilarious. Both guys are on a mission, Castiel’s is to find God and Dean's to get Castiel laid - which one did most want to see get played out? Probably the latter.

Free to Be You and Me - Fan Review part 1.
Free to Be You and Me - an excited fan’s review

Many Supernatural fans, including me, were not left disappointed by Thursday’s episode of Supernatural entitled, “Free to Be You and Me”. As soon as the reminiscent recap of last week’s episode started, the anticipation for what was in store reached its climax and impatience set in. After the viewer had been treated with an update of the previous instalment - Castiel’s emotionally charged speech, Dean being informed that he was Michael’s vessel and the split between the Winchester boys - the Sam fans were given a pleasant sight: the younger Winchester bare-chested in bed. That could have been Kripke’s way of trying to remind Sam fans that they have not been forgotten.

A multitude of fans, like me, were so keen to find out what happens, that leaked spoilers were read. Due to this, it was no surprise that Jessica (Adrianne Palicki) turned up. For those who are in the dark and do not know who this character is, she was Sam’s long term girlfriend murdered by the Yellow Eyed Demon. At first, her arrival in
his dream appeared to be a comfort, but soon her words cut deep into Sam’s already existing wounds, “the people closest to you die” and “things are never going to change with you”. To me, this really gives an insight into the doubts and fears lurking in Sam’s tortured and conflicted mind. It reinforces the fact that Sam feels like a burden to those around him, maybe this is one of the many reasons for the self-imposed isolation. Clearly, he is so guilt ridden that he has lost all trust in himself and carries the blame. Jess, clearly is not physically present, she is just a dream like wraith, a manifestation of Sam’s dark thoughts. His mind is so divided, a part of him is determined to change “I won‘t make the mistake again“, and the other so willing to give up “this time, I know that I am a freak". Let us hope that he can win this battle.

In the next scene, we are taken back to the week before. Sam is yet again hitchhiking, does this seem vaguely familiar to anyone? and Dean is carrying out business all by his self. A very sad sight to see. Throughout this whole episode, we the fans are watching through the eyes of both characters and shown how each cope without the other. It strikes us that the team should be together but somehow the separation could be the start of the brotherly friendship healing. The guys aren’t going to get anywhere by kidding themselves though - Sam forces himself to believe maybe he can live a normal life, and Dean pretends that he can face the apocalypse on his own. No one is fooling the viewers, especially when a lonely Dean peers at the empty passenger seat, filled with regret for parting ways. It is possible that the Impala also misses Sam, I know it seems a lot more roomy now without the 6ft4 giant!. Fortunately, it can expect another companion later on in the form of an Angel.

The Castiel fans have certainly been spoilt by this particular episode, but I am not complaining - I am one of them!. Let us start with the first angelic scene. I wonder if Castiel gets kicks out of scaring Dean - his sudden arrival in the motel bathroom leads to a staggered Winchester “guh, don’t do that!”.  I also want to know if he knows the meaning of personal space, dastiel slash fans will love this particular scene. Damn you writers for indulging the whims and fantasies of a crazed minority (no offence meant - it is just not my personal taste) but thank you for giving us such a beautifully complex yet plausible show - the best present ever!.  It is not just the Impala and Dean who miss Sam, the angel also notices his disappearance as he briefly checks the motel room, “where’s Sam?”. Unfortunately, It is not time to be sentimental, it is a war zone out there and Castiel has an important mission to attend to, but first he needs Dean to cooperate. The subtle changes in Castiel are not to be overlooked, with each moment his loss of power and the surfacing of new, raw emotions become more vital, signifying that he is being slowly humanized. His usual authoritative tone with Dean quickly fades as soon as it appears, replaced by a pleading manner “I need your help, because you are the only one who will help me“ and “please“. Thankfully, Dean has compassion and agrees to help out his Angel buddy but transportation will be by car, not by angel means, it seems that flying on planes is not the only thing that can make Dean travel sick . The mission: to visit the powerful Raphael, the Archangel who killed Castiel, in the search to find God. Foolish? Maybe. Dangerous? Definitely.

“Hey Keith, do you play?”.
Who is this Keith? Oh right, that is Sammy’s pseudo name, the one he created in a futile effort to take a new identity. Sam, forget it - you can’t be normal because you are special - even the bar waitress Lindsay can see that and she has known you for how long? 5 seconds?. He seriously needs to play a game of darts against Dean because his throwing skills are at professional level, oh but there is a slight problem - they don’t keep in contact anymore. Stubborn boys. A hailstorm, lightning bolts and fire have consumed the town of Tully, surely this cannot be a coincidence and has to be linked to the Apocalypse. Quickly, this registers in Sam’s brain, after all he is a smart cookie and did attend Stanford. What does Sam usually do when confronted with supernatural happenings? He does research. Bingo!. In this case, a particular verse in Revelations is of interest. Who does he usually inform of his research results? Dean. Sammy nearly does this but thinks twice, calling sarcastic Bobby instead.

“How are you doing Bobby?”  

“Well I am not running any marathons”.

Bobby has always been the objective one, the middle man, and this hasn't changed. He must be getting tired of these two idjits being so darn stubborn. His attempts at getting the winchester brother on the mission fails, fortunately so because Sammy needs to take some time out now. But at least Bobby has faith in him!

Back to Thelma and Louise’s mission, sorry I meant Castiel and Dean’s mission. To find God, they need to find Raphael, and to find Raphael they need to talk to the Sheriff who witnessed his descent down to earth. Six degrees of separation rings true in this case.  The coming scene has to be one of the most side splitting moments in Supernatural history.  Castiel is usual Castiel, albeit an increasingly less angelic one, he does not seem to comprehend that humans are sceptical beings and that they will think you are nuts if start claiming that divine beings are roaming the e
arth. Dean asks, ”what’s the plan?” and Castiel wants to go and tell the sheriff the truth. Is he for real? In a sense yes because it is us humans who lie, right Dean?. Dean, as usual, has the best plans, and that is to pretend to be FBI agents and lie. No offense Castiel but the FBI field is not a career option for you. So, Castiel in his Colombo trench coat with straightened tie courtesy of Dean, goes off with the Winchester to get some answers. It is clear that Dean should have prepared Castiel for this, particularly when a clueless Cas pulls out the FBI ID and displays it upside down for the sheriff to see. Where is Sam when you need him?. Such a classic moment, thank you writers! That had me laughing non stop for a minute or more. Nonetheless, the first step of the task yields some results. Turns out that Raphael’s empty vessel is in St Pete’s, ”St Pete’s”  - yes we know Cas, we did hear that too “thank you“.  

Expect Part 2 of the review soon!


A Divine slice of Heaven (Supernatural Season Four DVD Boxset)
Eric Kripke, the creator of the show "Supernatural" along with the other writers and cast have delivered us a divine series complete with Angels and Lucifer. Season 4 is a step up from the preceding seasons, the show continues to evolve and develop and if you have watched the first three series then this one is a must see. Everything starts to click into place but you end up asking more questions, the answers to which will be in the fifth installment currently being shown on the CW channel and due to be on LivingTV.

Everything is spot on - the writing, acting and character development continues to shine. In this fourth bite of excitement, drama and mystery, you will see the main characters - Sam and Dean known as the Winchester brothers, go through an emotional journey, one which you will be dragged into whether you like it or not, as each struggles with their own destiny.

This show is suitable for both genders, although it tends to attract a predominantly female audience due to the high popularity of Sam and Dean Winchester. Don't worry males, you can have your eye candy too with beautiful women turning up in every episode. Supernatural has everything and it is not limited to hot actors, it has more than that which makes it such a rarity - a certain charm to it which has resulted in a large cult of fans gathering together writing fanfic, making supernatural videos and going to conventions. If it can do that to them, then what impact will it have on you? Open your mind to this programme and you will be in for a treat. Don't deprive yourself of it any longer.

The best way that I can describe this show to you, is to compare it to Lost - if you like Lost you will like Supernatural more. It has the twists, the deep plots and the dynamics but unlike Lost it continues to be fresh and new.

In this season, you will see Angels introduced after three seasons of the Winchester brothers fighting demons, evil spirits and various monsters. It is time for the guys to meet the other side. One of the Angels, is a newcomer Castiel, who is sent down to Dean to help him on his journey. What is this journey you may ask? You will have to wait and see but I can tell you that God has plans for Dean. Yes, that is right - God. This isn't a show designed to give you Sunday School lessons so if you are athiest/agnostic don't panic, but it does pick parts from all religions, myth and lore - the programme wouldn't be called Supernatural if it didn't.

If you like to watch programmes which give you something to chew and think on, then buy the DVD today and get watching!. In Supernatural, nothing is black and white, it is all a grey picture but that is what makes it such a fascinating and rich show and its characters realistic.

This series leaves the viewer hanging on the cliff, wondering what will happen when they fall off. I would give you the details but I don't want to spoil you. All I have to say is the apocalypse is nigh.

Although, there are many themes and sub plots which factor in Supernatural, the ma
in theme throughout the show is the importance of family and sticking together through thick and thin. I have to say that I agree. What does Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) think?. Let us see. It is official, Supernatural rocks, even the music listing (AC/DC, BTO, Foreigner) rocks!

Buy it here (UK fans): http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/3800000/Supernatural-Season-4-DVD-supernatural-3866695-372-400.jpg

(US fans) http://www.amazon.com/Supernatural-Complete-Fourth-Jared-Padalecki/dp/B001FB4W0C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1253461070&sr=8-1

Have fun watching, get hooked and convert those around you to the obsession with Supernatural!

Unlucky Number Eight - TBC

In true Monster of The Week style, the Winchester brothers visit Austin, Texas to investigate a string of murders to see whether there is a supernatural explanation behind it. Meanwhile, they unknowingly get involved before they have even begun. Comedic.

Chapter One:

There it was, lying in wait on its red silky cushioned throne, on a smeared, finger print ridden pane of glass.  It had succeeded in ensnaring its unsuspecting prey as Dean Winchester smiled in sheer pleasure and excitement at the sight before him. Sam, stooping beside his brother to check out what has him so mesmerized, was surprised that his brother wasn’t salivating like a bitch in heat, well not yet anyway.

“Sammy, forget the pie!”.
“Are you kidding me Dean?. You aren’t being serious, are you?”. His eyebrows arched up in astonishment, only to descend just as quickly in a show of disapproval.

Dean’s face lit up like a kid in a candy store, the corners of his mouth rose up enthusiastically and his eyes crinkled. “Course, I’m being serious, I have never been more freakin’ serious in my life!”. Sam could think of many examples to prove him wrong, it wasn’t the right time or place to do this though so he left it. Dean seemed to fall into a deep trance as he gave Sam a hearty pat on the back and skipped into the pawn shop’s entrance rubbing his hands gleefully with his brother following slowly behind.

As they entered the store, they were met by an eerie silence so that Dean could even hear Sam shaking his head and quietly sighing to himself. No sales assistant. Great. Not even any other customers.

“Must be your new cologne, its scared everyone away” Dean said, smirking. Behind him, his younger brother performed his usual eye roll.


Dean was about to march up to the window display, to gaze upon his beloved prize, well it would be soon if the sales assistant decides to arrive and do her job, but then a small group of rogue kids who made a noisy entrance got there first. Their grubby and curious hands all over the magic eight ball that Dean had his eye on,.

“Cool, awesome, wow!”

This was what the kid’s energetic chatter consisted of. Dean wondered if they even knew what the magic eight ball was for. He could sense that Sam was sending him telepathic messages to hurry up and leave, the kind that twins could  transmit but they weren’t twins, just really close brothers. They had each other’s backs and their full time job - hunting demons and evil spirits - made them an unstoppable team. Dean was the oldest and played his role of protector, his sunny good looks - bronze hair, intense eyes, and strong build - combined with his sense of fun made him popular with the ladies. Sam had less luck. In comparison he was a little uptight . His older brother did his part and teased Sam relentlessly about using up all the Kleenex and for his chick-flick moments, but it was Dean who watched reruns of Oprah.                                    

The kids in the shop were now about to shake the eight ball so Dean approached the one who seemed to be the leader of the gang, he was the tallest and most stout, his fat, mean face was a war zone of acne scars, this member must be years older than the others.

“Hey kids, I need to..”
“We aren’t kids”.

Dean sarcastically mumbles “nice attitude you have there”.

“What?”. The bratty kid taking a step closer.

“Whoa, calm down. I didn’t realise that it was the time of the month for you.

The kid starts to look a little less pissed as confusion takes over. His immaturity starting to show. Hopefully,
a kind person will warn this prick about hormonal girls.

“Isn’t it curfew time for you boys?. Look, I need that eight ball and I was here first”.  
“Then why are we the ones holding it?”
“Okay, smartass. Let’s rock, paper, scissor it”.

The boys form a huddle and consider this proposal for a few seconds. Then the oldest boy confidently swaggers up to Dean.

“Right, so 1,…2,…3!”

Dean automatically uses scissors, like he always has done, “don‘t let me down now”.

Chapter Two:

The sales assistant, a petite, dark haired woman roughly in her twenties finally arrives at the counter and asks “Can I help you sir?” in a small voice.

Sam wakes up from he daydream that he fell into, “Err (scratches head)..yeah, .my brother here (pointing at Dean) is interested in purchasing that magic eight ball - right Dean?”.

“That’s right Sammy,….hi there” Dean says equipped with his usually disarming smile. He can’t help but notice her perfume as he shakes her gentle hand - a potent concoction of white musk and vanilla luring him in. “How much is this magic eight ball”. He checks the assistant’s nametag - “Wendy?”.

“Twenty dollars”

“For that piece of junk?” Sam asks, laughing in disbelief. “Dean, you can’t waste your money on that”.

“Sure I can, anything for this pretty lady” Dean replies whilst checking out a stunned Wendy.

Can we get some extra cheese to go with that? Sam thinks to himself. Dean immediately gives his younger bro a curious look as if he can mind read.

Wendy, who hasn’t seen a good looking guy in her hometown for two years, yields under Dean’s charm and quickly blurts out “you can have it for ten bucks if you want, it was going for twenty only because of the rumours going around”.

Both of the boys simultaneously raise their eyebrows in curiosity and chime in “Rumours?” .

Well…” Wendy says hesitantly, “this may sound crazy but apparently this eight ball is the real deal”.

Dean and Sam’s eyebrows are still risen as they wait to hear the rest of the story.

“I received this object from a local called Steve Joplin this morning, he lost Nancy his wife in a bizarre accident about four days ago, you might have heard about it?”

“Vaguely” answers Sam. “Poor guy, that must have been awful”.

“Yes, it was. I actually knew Nancy, me and her went to the same church but in the last month she changed (Wendy shrugs). Rumours are that there was something more to her death, I am not sure what though but her husband Steve, thinks it has to do with this” (looks cautiously at the magic eight ball). “Poor Steve, he has been through a lot lately, he used to have his head screwed on tight but in the last few days the stuff he comes up with honestly makes me worried for him. The story is all over the front page in the local paper but all the details are a bit fuzzy really”

After hearing this, Dean immediately and hastily hands his weather stained ten bucks over, “we will take it”

Chapter Three:

The boys are in the Impala, Dean is driving as usual and Sam is riding shotgun. The thoughtful silence is broken by Dean, "Austin, Texas. Live music capital of the world. If you like that country crap".

He looks over to find Sam searching his beloved collection of second hand music tapes. Johnny Cash’s Man in Black  is pulled out for Dean to see. “Cash is in a genre of his own dude”.

To be continued..


Harsh Reality - TBC
The cold, unwelcome rain now drizzled onto my forehead and travelled down to my chin, dripping off the edge like leaking melt water  from an iceberg exposed to the harsh reality of powerlessness. This morning when the front door had closed behind me swiftly and my face met the fresh gust of excited air, I had skipped along to a  harmonious beat, narrowly missing a stubborn lamppost as I did so. My mind’s stay at 23 worry-free street in the hotel “sleep easy” was a brief one, this might have been because room service was non-existent, or maybe because at lunch I was served with a platter of worries complete with the condiments demands and barriers. “That damn Vicky!” I thought to myself, instantly feeling a pang of guilt as my conscience rebuked me. Now, Vicky was above me on the game board of snakes and ladders, we had both started out from the first square, the difference between me and her was that I was still on it. The outcome of a game tends to be disappointing at best and sometimes only the cheats win; am I calling Vicky a lying, backstabbing and ruthless thief? Yes, I suppose that I am and I feel miserable for it. Bitterness is never attractive but it’s the only option on the menu.

Drudging along past the bleak, concrete block of flats which look due to be demolished, I decide that I need a refreshment, an elixir cocktail of vodka and whisky on the rocks to dull the anxiety and restore an ounce of sanity.  I should be scared because it's unlike me to resort to alcohol for some emotional rescue but I’m not, which gives me more reason to worry. As I raise my head and face the chaos around me, I take in the darting, dazzling lights, the faceless strangers, and the line of black cabs waiting in anticipation, I surmise to myself that this view is better than the trodden cigarette butts lying defiantly on the slippery pavement floor.  A passer by turns out to be a flier distributor and after he shoves the square piece of red, shiny paper into my reluctant hand I wonder why I didn’t make the effort to keep a wide berth of him, that is what everyone else did. However, when I quickly glanced at the printed words...

Writer's Block: Don't You Forget about Me
RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
I have to admit that the name John Hughes did not conjure any sort of recognition in my mind when I first heard that he had died. Google was my friend, and I searched on there to see who had just died, it turned out that he was a director of some of my favourite childhood movies - Home Alone 2, The Breakfast Club, and Uncle Buck. The fact that I had not heard of his name untill his premature death shows that he was deeply underrated and sidelined. He had such a wonderful and beautiful talent and I find that his movies stand out above most and have a kind of magic. Rest in Peace John Hughes and John Candy who starred in Uncle Buck.

Yes Sir. Yes Miss.
A few minutes ago, I checked my Twitter account to see that a friend of mine is unsure of what to do with her free time, then a thought occurred to me - are we dependent on others for a purpose?. When we were young and experiencing our childhood, we constantly took orders and instructions from our parents or guardians, then at school it was the teachers who placed more rules and restrictions. Free thinking is not encouraged or cultivated, its no wonder that there are a lot of repressed humans who go along with the crowd. When we finally have time for ourselves we don't know what to do with it, we don't know how to think for ourselves so we end up asking a mundane question like "what should I do know - take a shower or watch a DVD?" Its evidence that the majority of people have lost the ability to trust themselves even to make small decisions.


Writer's Block: Theme Dining
If you were to open your own theme restaurant, what would the theme be and how would you express it to the customers?
I like this question a lot. Why? Because I have often pondered it in the past and imagined having my own business - it will never become tangible though. Most who know me, know that I am stuck in the past with the legend soul and rock singers such as Otis and Janis. The past is where its at. People want to revisit it or experience a time that they missed out on, thats why I would open a rock n soul (instead of roll) themed restaurant complete with jukebox. The style and image would be based upon the classic rock diner seen in the states, there would be red, leather sofas with tables and barstools along with a black and white tiled floor. The walls would be adorned with photos of past legends and newsclippings. One section of the restaurant would be devoted to nightly entertainment, alloted to a one hour slot, just think elvis presley impersonators, etc.