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Writer's Block: Theme Dining
If you were to open your own theme restaurant, what would the theme be and how would you express it to the customers?
I like this question a lot. Why? Because I have often pondered it in the past and imagined having my own business - it will never become tangible though. Most who know me, know that I am stuck in the past with the legend soul and rock singers such as Otis and Janis. The past is where its at. People want to revisit it or experience a time that they missed out on, thats why I would open a rock n soul (instead of roll) themed restaurant complete with jukebox. The style and image would be based upon the classic rock diner seen in the states, there would be red, leather sofas with tables and barstools along with a black and white tiled floor. The walls would be adorned with photos of past legends and newsclippings. One section of the restaurant would be devoted to nightly entertainment, alloted to a one hour slot, just think elvis presley impersonators, etc.


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