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Harsh Reality - TBC
The cold, unwelcome rain now drizzled onto my forehead and travelled down to my chin, dripping off the edge like leaking melt water  from an iceberg exposed to the harsh reality of powerlessness. This morning when the front door had closed behind me swiftly and my face met the fresh gust of excited air, I had skipped along to a  harmonious beat, narrowly missing a stubborn lamppost as I did so. My mind’s stay at 23 worry-free street in the hotel “sleep easy” was a brief one, this might have been because room service was non-existent, or maybe because at lunch I was served with a platter of worries complete with the condiments demands and barriers. “That damn Vicky!” I thought to myself, instantly feeling a pang of guilt as my conscience rebuked me. Now, Vicky was above me on the game board of snakes and ladders, we had both started out from the first square, the difference between me and her was that I was still on it. The outcome of a game tends to be disappointing at best and sometimes only the cheats win; am I calling Vicky a lying, backstabbing and ruthless thief? Yes, I suppose that I am and I feel miserable for it. Bitterness is never attractive but it’s the only option on the menu.

Drudging along past the bleak, concrete block of flats which look due to be demolished, I decide that I need a refreshment, an elixir cocktail of vodka and whisky on the rocks to dull the anxiety and restore an ounce of sanity.  I should be scared because it's unlike me to resort to alcohol for some emotional rescue but I’m not, which gives me more reason to worry. As I raise my head and face the chaos around me, I take in the darting, dazzling lights, the faceless strangers, and the line of black cabs waiting in anticipation, I surmise to myself that this view is better than the trodden cigarette butts lying defiantly on the slippery pavement floor.  A passer by turns out to be a flier distributor and after he shoves the square piece of red, shiny paper into my reluctant hand I wonder why I didn’t make the effort to keep a wide berth of him, that is what everyone else did. However, when I quickly glanced at the printed words...

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Looks like a really great start to me If I brought a book with this opening, I'd keep reading, which says a lot I tend to judge on the first page *blushes*), the style of writing actually reminds me a lot of the author Richelle Mead.

Don't want to be forward but on twitter you asked for motivation hope I'm not overstepping the mark here, if I am sorry :)

As for where to go from the start? Do you know why she/you are so pissed with Vicky? That right there would give you you're emotional character base to build on and a past/current situation to maybe expand upon.

I find it helps in original fic to know at least your main protagonists back story, where are they from? how did they get where they are? What are their fears and desires?

Writing from first person as you are you don't need to go that deep into the other characters motivations in writing, but you need to know what those motivations are (Hell I once made the worlds most confusing spider diagram for one of my original stories and have about 12 notebooks full of random character stuff.)

Anyway I'm digressing, You've made a fabulous start and I would love to see where it's going.

If you ever want to rant about it or need a push let me know, but you have real talent hun, seriously. Adding you to flist btw lol.

Thanks for the add and the comments. I appreciate that you have taken the time to write your message and you have asked some good questions.

I do know why my character is irritated with Vicky, I was going to expand on it in the first paragraph but then decided to explain it later when my character goes to the bar and mulls over things.

I might actually do a spider diagram like you mentioned, I am sure that it will help. I have fragments of her backstory in my mind but I have to piece everything together.

I am honestly flattered by your compliment, I will have to look up Richelle because I have never heard of her before.

Thanks again

She writes a series about a succubus who clings to humanity and falls in love with a writer but can't do anything but peck his lips in case she steals parts of his soul. It's good, I recommend it, though she does have to feed so could do without the stranger!sex lol.

But yeah, it does look really good so far, if you need a cheerleader or someone to bounce stuff off of you know where to find me hun :)

Wow, you have me interested in this book now! I have so many books that I want to read but so little time and money :(.

Thanks for the offer by the way


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