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A Divine slice of Heaven (Supernatural Season Four DVD Boxset)
Eric Kripke, the creator of the show "Supernatural" along with the other writers and cast have delivered us a divine series complete with Angels and Lucifer. Season 4 is a step up from the preceding seasons, the show continues to evolve and develop and if you have watched the first three series then this one is a must see. Everything starts to click into place but you end up asking more questions, the answers to which will be in the fifth installment currently being shown on the CW channel and due to be on LivingTV.

Everything is spot on - the writing, acting and character development continues to shine. In this fourth bite of excitement, drama and mystery, you will see the main characters - Sam and Dean known as the Winchester brothers, go through an emotional journey, one which you will be dragged into whether you like it or not, as each struggles with their own destiny.

This show is suitable for both genders, although it tends to attract a predominantly female audience due to the high popularity of Sam and Dean Winchester. Don't worry males, you can have your eye candy too with beautiful women turning up in every episode. Supernatural has everything and it is not limited to hot actors, it has more than that which makes it such a rarity - a certain charm to it which has resulted in a large cult of fans gathering together writing fanfic, making supernatural videos and going to conventions. If it can do that to them, then what impact will it have on you? Open your mind to this programme and you will be in for a treat. Don't deprive yourself of it any longer.

The best way that I can describe this show to you, is to compare it to Lost - if you like Lost you will like Supernatural more. It has the twists, the deep plots and the dynamics but unlike Lost it continues to be fresh and new.

In this season, you will see Angels introduced after three seasons of the Winchester brothers fighting demons, evil spirits and various monsters. It is time for the guys to meet the other side. One of the Angels, is a newcomer Castiel, who is sent down to Dean to help him on his journey. What is this journey you may ask? You will have to wait and see but I can tell you that God has plans for Dean. Yes, that is right - God. This isn't a show designed to give you Sunday School lessons so if you are athiest/agnostic don't panic, but it does pick parts from all religions, myth and lore - the programme wouldn't be called Supernatural if it didn't.

If you like to watch programmes which give you something to chew and think on, then buy the DVD today and get watching!. In Supernatural, nothing is black and white, it is all a grey picture but that is what makes it such a fascinating and rich show and its characters realistic.

This series leaves the viewer hanging on the cliff, wondering what will happen when they fall off. I would give you the details but I don't want to spoil you. All I have to say is the apocalypse is nigh.

Although, there are many themes and sub plots which factor in Supernatural, the ma
in theme throughout the show is the importance of family and sticking together through thick and thin. I have to say that I agree. What does Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) think?. Let us see. It is official, Supernatural rocks, even the music listing (AC/DC, BTO, Foreigner) rocks!

Buy it here (UK fans): http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/3800000/Supernatural-Season-4-DVD-supernatural-3866695-372-400.jpg

(US fans) http://www.amazon.com/Supernatural-Complete-Fourth-Jared-Padalecki/dp/B001FB4W0C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1253461070&sr=8-1

Have fun watching, get hooked and convert those around you to the obsession with Supernatural!