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Free to Be You and Me - Fan Review part 2 (Castiel's embarrassment)

One of my favourite Castiel moments, was in the sneak preview released by a (in this case) generous CW. If you would like to watch this clip again (of course you do), here it is:

Yes, I did watch it before the episode aired, and yes, I did watch it repeatedly. I am sure that I am not alone in that. The thing with sneak peeks is that you really do feel sneaky watching them!.

There are many aspects of this scene which amused me, so I better get started with discussing them. When Castiel arrives and interrupts a pacing, deep in thought Dean, he is instantly mothered with the question “where have you been?”. I remember being asked that question by my mother when I was out somewhere I shouldn’t have been, is Dean telling Castiel off or is he genuinely concerned? Anyway, Castiel who always likes to go into lengthy discussions (yeah, right) replies with “Jerusalem” as if no more needs to be said. I wonder how the trip was Castiel - “arid”, well that tells me a lot!. Now, I am starting to sound as sarcastic as Bobby. If Castiel had a superhero name, I am pretty sure that it would be “Man of Mystery” or is that “Angel of Mystery?”. Soon we learn that this could be the unaffected Castiel’s last night, his planned confrontation with Raphael could result in death for the angelic one but he is prepared for it and accepts his fate. When he is asked about his plans for the night by a curious Dean, he nonchalantly states “I just thought I would sit here quietly”. This would have seemed like a joke to me, but because Castiel isn’t one for joking I realised that he was being serious. In a way, it made me sad to think that he wouldn’t do anything different before his expected death but then again this could reflect that he is content with being in silence. An interesting thought occurred to me and I know why Dean is bemused at Castiel’s calm composure. Let us just think about how Dean spent his last year before going to Hell - he slept around, drank more and tried to live life to the full - so understandably he anticipated that Castiel would be the same. Well, newsflash Dean! Castiel is a spiritual being, he doesn’t take pleasure in earthly things, well not yet anyway. So Dean asks incredulously, “Dude, come on, anything? Booze, women..”. Oh, it looks like the mention of women has Castiel all caught up in a fluster as he rubs his neck in embarrassment. Poor angel guy, Dean has really put him on the spot by raising an issue that Castiel has probably not even thought about. Women just didn’t register on his radar before, not when he was busy being an angel, well that is his excuse anyway and he is sticking to it “I have never had occasion, okay?”. This is one of the rare moments when Castiel is unable to look into Dean’s eyes, but not due to letting him down like before but because he is self conscious. Is this a new Castiel we are seeing? A more emotionally sensitive one as he comes to grip with adapting to human behaviour? It could be!. Oh and by the way, Dean “cloud seeding” as a substitute phrase for Angel you know what is hilarious. Both guys are on a mission, Castiel’s is to find God and Dean's to get Castiel laid - which one did most want to see get played out? Probably the latter.

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"I haven't had occasion, OK" I've watched it 6 times. Well written.

Thanks for the correction!!!! I have just re edited it :).

Glad you like the entry. I will be writing more on the episode again later :).

LOL, flustered Cas is adorable, I just wanted to hug him hug him and hu... well you get the picture *pets poor flustered Cas*

that many cas fan girls wanted to do the same thing LOL

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