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My Place
Bright clouds marked the sky and the circling larks were singing their usual chirpy tune. The wind whipped my face, refreshing my mind and spirit as I rested upon the dry grass. Childrens' laughter from a distance could be heard, bringing back memories of long ago when I was young myself. The enchanting world in those early years, everything was new and waiting to be discovered. I had been Indiana Jones on an exciting expedition. Growing older can make the most naively trusting kind develop a hardened shell of cynicism. Experiences carve deep tracks, and tunnel their way into the mind, leaving scarred imprints, teaching us to not make the same mistake again. Unfortunately, some have to resit those lessons before they can learn: I know I have. that is why I come here today, to my own, private place seeking rest from today’s worries.  My skin is warmed as the sun beams down on it, getting rid of the chill in my bones. I make a mental note to myself  to visit this place tomorrow.


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