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Season 6 Supernatural - My version
Sam stood outside in the pitch black. He was on the outside again, like he had been most of his life. The scene before him, in the typical suburban house, was one example of the taste of an apple pie life. The only difference was that one of the participants wasn’t used to the taste. Sam observed his brother: Dean, who was sitting down sombrely in his table accompanied by his new family. This family did not involve Sam because he was part of the past which needed to be forgotten. If only Sam knew how much Dean needed to know that he was safe, so much so that he would risk this apple pie life that he had craved just to know that Sam was okay. Maybe Sam was aware of this, yet he still looked on and decided not to interrupt. “Time to move on” Sam thought. The future was uncertain for him, where to go and what to do next was the immediate problem, all he knew was that he couldn’t burden Dean, and that included not contacting Bobby.
Dean did not have the slightest idea that his younger brother Sam was within spitting distance, if he did he would have dropped the untouched beer bottle in an instant and a mixture of ecstatic relief with worry would have swam through his mind. He did not hope for Sam’s return, to him it seemed to be an impossibility, especially because of that damn promise that he made. The common good had to come before family. This was against the natural instinct that Dean had always harboured, which was to protect his brother at all costs, his dad: John had warned to “look after Sammy”. A choke to hold back the tears was Dean’s way of coping as he bitterly thought “Sorry Dad, I failed again”. It had to be done, he had no choice but to let Sam go through with it. The plan was all kinds of crazy. It was the only plan, and the last dwindling hope of saving humanity, unfortunately it didn’t involve saving his brother. All wars have casualties. Sam was one of them. Now Dean was expected to deal with it and move on.

Lisa tried her best to soothe Dean’s, she had never seen him like this before: shaken up to the core. Even Ben noticed the difference as he sat there unusually quiet observing the fragile picture in front of him. Dean looked broken; tonight there the false bravado would not be masking the inner turmoil. They tried their best to soothe him, Lisa had baked his favourite: Blueberry pie, with her little helper, Ben by her side being dutiful for the first time. Nothing worked.

“Are you okay?” Lisa gently asked Dean, hugging his shoulder. Dean’s answer was short, “I’m good”. That couldn’t be any further from the truth and they all knew it.


The first loud knock on the door did not awake the deep sleeper. It took a few more to do the job.
“Who is it?” Sam demanded as he clambered to the peephole. No one. There was no answer, and no one to be seen. “Odd” Sam thought. He almost climbed back to bed to try and catch up on shut eye, everyday he felt intensely exhausted, but the hunter’s urge to check out this out made him chase down the corridor. Whoever or whatever it was couldn’t be found so he had no choice but to retire to sleep. No dreams or nightmares for him of the times he had spent in the pit, it was possible that even his subconscious was trying earnestly to forget. Sam welcomed the stiff mattress and flat pillow because he could sleep anytime and anywhere, after all he almost had forgotten what sleeping was like after being kept awake for months on end.

This time the door blew open, banging loudly against the yellow stained walls, a strong gust of wind circulated the room and left, leaving a lingering chill in the air. A sharp, high pitched scream followed, bringing Sam to attention. Grab shotgun, cock the gun, and locate the trouble. It was an immediate response, one he had been using the past few weeks when he had returned. Ever since his return, he had been a magnet for evil, that was another reason why he couldn’t talk to Dean, he would never forgive himself if he got Lisa and Ben killed.
Sam hesitated for a moment outside one of the rooms, “was it this one I heard it in? Or was it the room opposite?”. Could he be sure? No, not till he heard a deafening crashing noise in the room he stood in front of. The door broke in an instant, practice made perfect, and Sam was one of the most experienced hunters around, his only match being Dean.


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